Mississippi Aquarium reopens after Sally

The Mississippi Aquarium temporarily closed during the threat of Hurricane Sally for nearly three days for the safety of their animals and staff.

Due to the potential damage that Sally could have brought, the aquarium’s emergency response team made the decision to close and move some of their animals to a safe offsite location.

The teams based their call off of how much wind and rain they could potentially receive.

The aquarium reopened back to the public today and the staff is happy that their emergency protocol worked seamlessly. Public Relations and Communications Director Corey Ball said, “Our top priority is our animals, our staff and our guests so all the decisions that we make whether it be animal care or guest services, it’s going to be based on that. So it’s best to be safe than sorry and to have those protocols in place and so that’s why we monitor everything so when we have to make those tough calls, we can do so.”

The aquarium’s dolphins are still not back from the emergency location, but are expected to return soon.

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