Mississippi Aquarium and IMMS help sea turtles

Forty-five endangered Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles landed in Gulfport from Cape Cod this afternoon in need of medical attention from two Gulf Coast organizations.

The Institute of Marine Mammal Studies and the Mississippi Aquarium greeted the turtle on the tarmac to transport them to their respective facilities.

IMMS and the Mississippi Aquarium have teamed up to bring medical care to the turtles who became trapped and ill when their southbound migration was delayed, forcing them to stay in waters that cooled down gradually as the season progressed.

When the turtles were discovered on the shore, the long exposure to cold water caused them to become lethargic and stop eating regularly. Mississippi Aquarium VP of Veterinary Care Dr. Alexa Delaune said, “It was very serendipitous that this all came together. It was really, really fortunate that we have great partners with our colleagues up in the Northeast and we’re a very new facility, but we are super, super excited because this one of our pillars– our conservation pillars. So, we’re happy to conserve these endangered turtles.”

The turtles will get medical exams at the aquarium. Following the exams, the aquarium will determine the best plan for recovery for the turtles.

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