Missing two-year-old found by ten-year-old

Today at school was a special day in Harrison County for ten-year-old Blake Carroll. Yesterday he found a missing two-year-old boy, rushing for help when he came across William Odom.
News 25’s Caroline Eaker shows us how his school and local law enforcement honored the Saucier fifth grader who became an unassuming hero overnight.
What a difference a day can make, especially for this Saucier family. Tears of worry quickly turned into tears of joy when two-year-old William Odom returned to his loved ones with the help of an unsuspecting hero. Tuesday afternoon, Saucier Elementary School fifth grader Blake Carroll thought he was going on a fun adventure in his backyard fort, but ended up being a vital part of a rescue mission. “I heard a horn honking in my uncle’s truck,” said Blake, “My uncle don’t get home that early so when I went to the truck, I heard the baby crying and that’s what caught my attention. When I got home, about 20 minutes after, I found the missing two-year-old.”
Not all heroes wear capes and in Blake’s case they still wear a backpack and ride the school bus. Lt. Robert Lincoln said, “He was in the right spot at the right time. We had dozens of people searching from the community. I don’t even know how many people were searching but it was all over. It was a massive search and for him to be there at the right time was just ideal.”
Authorities say the missing boy suffered only minor injuries thanks to this young man. “He was sitting there in that truck just crying away and I felt really bad for the baby, but I felt really proud because I rescued the baby,” said Blake.
His classmates and teachers were also beaming with pride for what the ten-year-old had done. Principal Kathy Grimes made sure that he had a day fit for a hero in the classroom and beyond. “I decided to buy him lunch. I gave him some choices, what do you want to eat around here, and he says I want a hamburger from Herrin’s because they make the best so we hooked him up with whatever he wanted and I threw in a piece of chocolate cake for good measure.”
Chelsea Noble, the mother of the two-year-old who went missing, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor child neglect. Officials determined that the child was not being properly supervised by Noble which led to him becoming missing. Department of Human Services took custody of Noble’s children at the time of her arrest.
Noble was booked on a $15,000 bond.

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