Missing Gulfport Girl Reunited with Mother & Grandmother

An 8 year old girl was reunited with her mother and grandmother Monday night after being reported missing. News 25 met up with Gulfport Police and caught the happy reunion on camera.

Gulfport Police were called just after 5 p.m. Monday night about a missing 8 year old girl in west Gulfport, but two hours later, just as police were briefing the press, it was a happy ending for the Robinson family. Damon McDaniel, Public Information Officer for the Gulfport Police Department, says, “Yellow, purple, and blue, she’s wearing black shoes… Our missing child is no longer missing. She’s been reunited with her mom and grandparent and she is behind me at this time, basically telling the story of what happened after school.”

For Robinson’s mother and grandmother, it was a joyous reunion. Her grandmother says, “I was just panicking. First thing I thought to do was to call 911 and y’all came. Thank y’all.”

After school, Dominique went to her mom’s house, as planned, but says no one was home. That’s when a friend’s older sister saw her alone on 21st Street and took her to a safe place. Dominique says, “We went to the library and her friend picked us up and me and her came back and knocked on the door and nobody was there.”

When Dominique came back home, police were already there searching for her. Police say it was fortunate Dominique fell into safe hands. McDaniel closes, “And it turned out that someone was kind enough and thoughtful enough to just kind of keep her out of this area. You don’t like and 8 year old or a child of any age to be just walking.”

Robinson’s family can rest easy now that their daughter is back in their arms.

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