Minor diesel spill from boat at Fort Bayou

Yesterday, the Coast Guard responded to a minor diesel spill that came from a boat in Fort Bayou near Ocean Springs.

Since the spill was reported, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality responded to the incident to clean up the spill. It is confirmed that MDEQ went out to the scene today and dispersed boom absorbent to control the spread of diesel fuel.

The cause of the spill was due to a loose gas cap of a sunken boat, but it has since been corrected. The spill is now contained and should not cause any damage. District Four Supervisor Troy Ross said, “Boaters just need to check. This happened because of a loose gas cap and the vessel sank and the fuel leaked out at that point. So checking simple things, making sure your gas cap is on tight.”

The owners of the sunken vessel are now responsible for getting the boat out of Fort Bayou.

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