Ministry works to change lives of homeless

The homeless are getting a roof over their head and a lifestyle change at a ministry house in Moss Point. Most who come to the Arukah House are suffering with an addiction, but leave craving something entirely different.
“I know how bad it could get and how quickly it could get there and I knew if I didn’t cry out to him again I wouldn’t be here much longer.” Addicted to opioids for years, Ashley Gibbs says drugs began to consume her entire life, even eating away her desire to be a mother. “I’ve been to multiple treatment centers and nothing worked.”
Gibbs says she was just about hopeless when she heard about the Arukah House in Moss Point. Minister Director Reverend Charlton Thompson said, “We house and disciple families in recovery. They may be in that place because of drugs or unemployment or life controlling issues.”
Pastor and Ministry Director Charlton Thompson recovered from a heroin addiction ten years ago. He says he found God during his time in prison and was able to turn his life around. Now he’s addicted to helping others do the same. “Watching them come alive and watching their hopes be restored and just totally doing a 180. I mean, only God can change someone from an addict to a productive member of the community.”
Chris Orr is enrolled in the Arukah House’s recovery program. He said, “I been struggling with addiction for the past few years. It got really bad to the point where she left me and I was facing court and I had nowhere to go.”
Now Orr says he’s done with drugs. On the road to graduate from the ministry’s 90 day recovery program, Orr says his next step is renewing his wedding vows. “We get up and we read The Bible together. We fellowship all day long and it’s just, Christina is so happy here. The Arukah House has just been a blessing to us.”
Blossoming in faith, together like family, the Arukah House Ministry continues to help those lost in the darkness find the light.

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