Miniature D’iberville on Display at City Hall

Ten miniature buildings line the outside and inside of D’iberville City Hall, but they’re not dollhouses.
D’iberville native and master woodworker Ralph Borries recreated tiny versions of buildings that comprised the commercial heart of the city, dating back before the turn of the 20th century.
Borries brought back to life a Catholic Church, general store, movie theatre and other historic landmarks destroyed by wind and water years ago. He took on the project, so that those who knew the buildings can remember, and those who did not can learn their importance.
D’iberville City Manager Bobby Eleuterius said, “It brings back my childhood because I grew up over here. I grew up in east Biloxi until the 10th grade and I remember each and every one of them and it brings back a lot of memories.
The miniature buildings will be on display through the end of this week and will come out once again during Christmas.

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