Military veteran opens gun shop in Biloxi

A military veteran has the first brick and mortar, federal firearms licensed, black owned shop in Mississippi and the business is located right here along the Coast.

Gorilla Firearm is a firearm safety and retail shop located on Oak Street in Biloxi.

It provides classroom based learning and live fire training along with federal firearms license transfers, selling, repairs, and manufacturing of a wide range of firearms and ammunition.

All certified classes offered come with a certificate from either the NRA or the U.S. Concealed Carry Association.

A 50 percent nonrefundable deposit is due at registration. Gorilla Firearms Owner Robert Holloway said, “Primary goal of having this business is to educate minorities about firearm laws and regulations in the state of Mississippi. I really want to educate the youth since we have such a big issue with gun violence here on the Coast. I believe if we educate them young, give them opportunities dealing with firearms, they will understand and respect it a whole lot more.”

Gorilla Firearm will host a purse and pistols class on Saturday, October 22nd for $30. For more information visit