Military Group Rebuilds Bridges

Massive work is underway in Ocean Springs as a group of Seabees use their skills to enhance and improve the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Site on Highway 90.
This group of newly selected chief petty officers put their skills to good use by rebuilding two wooden bridges at the Ocean Springs memorial.
These Seabees tell News 25 the bridges were in pretty bad condition so they took the initiative to build these two new ones after the old bridges were torn down yesterday. The project is part of a six week process for these petty officers in training.
They say it’s a good way to give back to the community, all evidenced by people in the area who have thanked them for the work they’ve done so far. Senior Chief Petty Officer James Reddinger said, “It’s a safer environment for them to walk in and run around the track. Yesterday when we came out here there were boards hanging off the sides, some of it looked like there were holes in the bridges. Safety wise, it’s night and day from where it was.”
Chief Select Jason Lohman said, “It means a lot to us, this being a part of our history to be able to come out here and rebuild these two bridges for the community.”
Construction of these bridges should wrap up today. Each bridge will be 40 feet long and will have rails on both sides.

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