Military Affairs Breakfast in Gulfport

Military bases on the Coast thrive because the Coast believes in supporting the military.
That was only one of the many points U.S. Senator Roger Wicker hit on Wednesday morning at the Gulfport Chamber of Commerce’s Military Affairs Breakfast.
During Senator Wicker’s address at the Great Southern Club, he also talked about the rise of ISIL. He says as a result of the U.S. not taking the fight to ISIL in Iraq and Syria they’ve since grown and created a foothold overseas, leading to our current refugee crisis.
The senator went on to end his address by praising the work Ingalls Shipbuilding does to keep our country safe. “As a chairman of the Sea Power Subcommittee, I am determined to visit all of the shipyards. I can tell you that Ingalls is top of the line. We have a great deal of business,” said Senator Wicker.
The Gulfport chamber also presented Senator Wicker with the Spirit of Enterprise Award for his work representing the importance of business in Washington.

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