Mike Byrd might have to pay up after appeals court overturns judge’s decision

Former Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd may have to pay the deputy he is accused of sexually harassing.
The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled a federal judge made a mistake when he threw out a jury’s December 2015 verdict against Byrd for inflicting emotional distress on a female deputy.
The appeals court ruling says the federal court judge did not consider all of the evidence before he threw out the verdict that had awarded Deputy Kristen Seibert $280,000 for emotional distress for alleged sexual harassment in May 2012.
Jackson County had asked the fifth circuit to reconsider its reversal, but the higher court upheld its action. Another appeal could be filed with the U.S. Supreme Court within 90 days.
Byrd was forced to resign in December 2013 because of state and federal charges that led him to plead guilty to intimidation of a witness and attempting to cover up the assault of a man who stole a patrol car.

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