MGM Park Update

Another “home” game, another ten thousand dollars for the city of Biloxi. While fans across the coast wait to hear the crack of a bat, recent weather has slowed progress.
As it stands, the city will pay at least a quarter of a million dollars in fines, and while Yates will try to complete the project as soon as possible, they’re only requited to finish by August 4th.
As the city continues to accrue fines for each home game missed, some believe the project is behind schedule. If anything, it’s actually ahead of schedule, and as the local anticipation builds to a fever pitch, Yates construction is doing everything it can to bring baseball to Biloxi.
"Hopefully the weather will stay like it is and allow us to keep working on the field, we’re working Saturdays and Sundays and doing the best we can,” said Jason Wold of MGM Park.
Just like many other coast residents, Wold says their employees are ready for Shuckers baseball and to root for the home team.

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