MGCCC To Use Millions For Improvements

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is looking to improve their campus, and Harrison County is doing everything they can to help. This morning, MGCCC officials were on hand at the Harrison County board of supervisor meeting to talk about the need for the district to proceed with the issue of bonds. Those bonds would equal up to seven million dollars for the financing of various improvements at all their campuses across the coast MGCCC President Mary Graham tells News 25, each campus’ relationship with the county they lie in is pivotal to making sure that campus thrives. Mary Graham, president of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College what we’re looking at is building a science, engineering and math facility, a large meeting facility for students, a theater are performance facility. So we have a lot of new ideas that are coming down the pike and these bond funds would really help support those. Graham tells News 25, that 70 million is to help with improvements over the next 30 years.

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