MGCCC students performing show ‘Closure’ as a fundraiser

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s Perkinston Campus is holding a fundraiser for its school of performing and visual arts entitled ‘Closure.’

On Thursday night MGCCC’s Perkettes will be performing ‘Closure,’ a very emotionally driven piece for the dancers as they and so many others had major life events canceled by the pandemic.

The team is mainly comprised of freshmen, like Patricia Bolar, and as the dancers finish their first complete year of college, they recall where they were a year ago and finishing up high school. Bolar said, “Closure, it really hits home for us, for freshmen, we didn’t get the end of high school we wanted. We missed out on prom and graduation. The sophomores on the team, they didn’t get to end the season the way they wanted to.”

The Perkettes are excited and thankful for the opportunity to perform when they can during this COVID year. Freshmen Autumn Robbins said, “As you dance, it’s important when you dance, they really hype you up. This year, we definitely use each other as a team to hype each other up and encourage each other since we don’t get that audience aspect anymore.”

A team focusing on the positives, just like their Captain Nyla Durden, who is finishing up her last semester at MGCCC as a Perkette. “I can definitely say it’s been a different season and I really didn’t think we would be able to get it. We didn’t have any answers at the beginning of the year, we didn’t know what would go on, but I definitely think this year has been good for us in a different year because look where we are now in finals with this piece.”

Sophomore Bailee Crider said, “There’s just been a lot of loss in different ways for everybody, not just our team, but as a whole around us. I think that this dance could help us find peace with whatever that can be and I think it could help others find peace, too.”

A team exemplifying tradition, precision and excellence as they wrap up their first full pandemic year of school.

If you would like to see MGCCC’s Perkettes perform as well as the concert choir and MS Sound be sure to attend the Closure performance Thursday, April 22nd at the Perkinston Campus Malone Auditorium.

The performance will start at 6 with a suggested donation of $10. The event will conclude with an art show and reception in the community arts center.

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