MGCCC Students Help Gulfport Fire Department

Students from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College are getting valuable hands on experience while giving back to the community.
It’s summer. It’s hot out and people who can repair air conditioning units are pretty popular this time of year. The college’s heating and air conditioning students are putting their skills to work today at the Gulfport Fire Department’s number 8 station. They’re installing the duct work for the air conditioner in the fire department’s remodeled building. The students are not only providing a service to our first responders, but gaining on the job experience in a real world setting.
Chris Crocker, MGCCC Heating and Air Conditioning instructor, said, “We don’t get an opportunity a whole lot to get out into the field and do this kind of thing, so it really was good for the students because we can simulate so much in the shop, but having an opportunity to get them out on a real job is really a bonus to them to see what’s going on.”
Gulfport Fire Chief Mike Beyerstedt says this is a great example of community and they’re excited about the partnership with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

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