MGCCC students awarded scholarships from Memorial

Memorial held a luncheon today to award MGCCC scholarship recipients through the Memorial Hospital Scholarship Fund.

The fund was designed to offer additional pathways to meet the need for trained healthcare professionals in the region.

Ten scholarship recipients were recognized at the luncheon. Memorial Hospital in Gulfport is one of the first hospitals in Mississippi to receive approval from the U.S. Department of Labor for apprenticeship training.

By partnering with MGCCC, it allows students right here on the Coast to get hands on training, internships, externships, grants, and scholarships for a variety of healthcare programs at MGCCC.

Memorial Hospital Senior Director of Senior Care Kyle Lewis said, “It is very important to use the assets that we have here on the Coast. We are so fortunate to be in close proximity to one of the top community colleges in the state. So, we wanted to keep that talent local. We think it is very important to offer opportunities for the students to come work with our staff, get a feel for what the environment would be and then we want to continue to provide opportunities and a pipeline to keep the students and keep the talent here local.”

Additional training programs and opportunities for MGCCC students will become available as the demand for healthcare workers continues to grow.

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