MGCCC offering college courses at two local correctional facilities

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College reaches the minds of thousands of students across ten campus locations. Now they’re reaching even further.

MGCCC is providing college courses to inmates at two local correctional facilities. MGCCC signed an agreement with the Mississippi Department of Corrections that allows inmates to take classes beginning spring semester 2021.

It is one of 130 institutes nationwide selected to participate in what is known as the “second chance experiment” from the U.S. Department of Education.

Officials say through the program, incarcerated individuals in state or federal penitentiaries can qualify for Pell Grants. Harrison County Campus Vice President Dr. Cedric Bradley said, “Research shows us that individuals that are able to receive an education while they are incarcerated, it drastically reduces the recidivism rates. Over 93 percent of individuals that go to prison will eventually be released, so it’s important that we be able to give them some type of skills, some type of training so once they are released they can come back and be productive members of society.”

The agreement was signed with wardens from the Stone County Regional Correctional Facility in Wiggins and the George County Regional Correctional Facility in Lucedale.

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