Mental Health Self-Care Day

In this very busy world, it’s good to take time out for yourself.

That’s what the folks at the Mental Health Association of South Mississippi encouraged dozens to do today at Self-Care Day inside the Biloxi Civic Center.

Self-Care Day included an expert panel, a family recovery story, and much more. Kay Daneault with the Mental Health Association of South Mississippi said, “A variety of things happening in the building all at one time, but it’s all geared around mental health and how do I identify it, where do we go to get help, all those things that people may not know how to navigate. But that’s a lot of what we’ve had going on today is talking about self-care, what can I do for myself today or tomorrow that’s going to help me feel a little more balanced and you know, less stressed.”

The focus on the event was coping with stress and networking with people who may be able to help.

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