Mental Health Awareness Month

For more than 65 years, May has been observed as National Mental Health Awareness Month.

This month gives people a chance to come together to show support and efforts for those who suffer from mental disorders and illnesses.

Mental illness is a physical illness of the brain that causes disturbances in thinking, behavior, energy, or emotion that makes it difficult to deal with the regular demands of life.

The two most common types of mental disorders are anxiety and mood disorders.

Gulfport Behavioral Health System CEO Loyal Ownes said, “Stress and anxiety can lead to depression and other mental health concerns. So, it is important that we recognize those issues and we begin to do the things that can take care of those issues in advance. Some recognition of the triggers, our own personal feelings that are set off by things around us, and then address them by taking deep breaths, by focusing on those things that help keep us calm and controlled.”

For those looking to improve their mental health you can call Gulfport Behavioral Health System at 800-831-1700 or visit

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