Memorial Site Vandalized for Third Time

A Gulf Coast family lost their three children to an accident caused by a drunk driver nine years ago. For the third time, their memorial has been vandalized.
Imagine losing your three children to drunk driving. Bill Downs is a father who lost his three kids to drunk driving. He said, “The driver was legally drunk and she had drugs in her system. They believe she was texting because her phone was next to her with an unfinished text.”
Then you build a memorial site which is vandalized not one, not two, but three times. “At first it angered me, but it just made me realize how insensitive people are,” said Downs.
This is the reality for Harrison County resident Bill Downs who lost his kids nine years ago. They were on Highway 53 driving to the movies. As they passed the Audubon Lake subdivision, an intoxicated woman slammed into their car. “The eyewitness that was following my son said they never knew what hit them. Luckily we feel that our kids never knew what hit them,” said Downs.
Although the handmade crosses are the third replacement for the memorial site, Downs says the vandalism won’t stop him from being a voice for his kids. “We try to get the word out that they were killed by a drunk driver and to please not drink and drive.”
A message Downs spreads through an organization called AVIDD which he started here on the Gulf Coast. As for the people who continue to destroy the memorial site, Downs said, “I ask them to please honor our children and don’t, don’t do this. They’re not hurting anybody but themselves.”

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