Memorial Hospital Receives 300 CPR Dolls

Thanks to a generous donation from the American Heart Association, Memorial Hospital’s newborn intensive care unit will be able to prepare parents to continue providing quality care after their children have left the hospital.
Memorial will be receiving 300 infant “CPR Anytime” kits which contain life-like dolls that will allow parents to practice performing CPR on an infant, preparing them for possible emergency situations.
Amy Haulsee with Memorial Hospital tells News 25 this donation will go a long way in educating parents on providing intensive care for infants. “It’s very beneficial for them to know how to respond if their infant is in an emergency situation. If they’re choking or if they stop breathing they will have that kit. Parents have a lot to learn and take in while they’re here. It’s good to have that reinforcement that they’ll be able to take that kit home with them and be able to show parents or family members that weren’t here during the same time and be able to practice with that.”
Between Memorial Hospital and the University of South Alabama’s Children’s Hospital, the American Heart Association has donated a total of 800 of these kits.

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