Memorial Hospital hosted drive-up testing for COVID-19

A one day drive-up testing clinic for COVID-19 was held today to allow residents to get tested from the comfort of their own cars.

Memorial Hospital hosted this drive for those to be tested for the flu first and if that comes back negative they then will test for COVID-19.

Those who attended were urged to wear a mask, bring their drivers license or photo ID and insurance card.

The hospital will seek reimbursement, but no out of pocket or co-pay will be expected during the drive-thru service. Memorial Hospital Practice Manager Eddie Maddox said, “The more people who are tested the more we can get an idea of where we are with respect to this virus and it gives us an opportunity to make sure people are securing themselves in their homes if they do happen to test positive.”

Memorial has plans to host other drive-thru screenings within the next few weeks.

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