Memorial Driftwood Nursing Center throws Mother’s Day parade

Staff at a Gulf Coast nursing facility teamed up with family members to put together a Mother’s Day celebration for residents at a safe distance.

Cars decked out in decorations and signs lined the driveway at Memorial Driftwood Nursing Center Sunday, allowing moms at the facility to see their loved ones and enjoy some time together.

The Gulfport police and fire departments also made an appearance and showed their support for all the special moms.

Nursing officials say with visitation being restricted for families right now, it helps to have in-person events like this one to stay connected with their loved ones. Senior Director for Senior Care Kyle Lewis said, “It’s just a credit to the staff that we have here and the dedicated staff that are on the front lines each and every day taking care of our residents, as well as to the family members. As I said, it’s a special time and it’s a unique circumstance, but we appreciate the family members understanding that first and foremost we want to protect their loved ones, but we encourage them to come and celebrate with their loved ones.”

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