Memorial distributes COVID-19 vaccine at Lyman Community Center

Earlier today, Memorial Hospital continued its vaccination distribution on the Coast in north Gulfport at the Lyman Community Center.

The distribution, which went from 8:30 this morning until 3 this afternoon, was open to adults 65 and older, those between the ages of 18 and 64 with certain chronic health conditions, and health care personnel.

Over 1,100 out of the 3,000 patients on Memorial’s vaccination waitlist were vaccinated today.

Memorial Clinic Operation Vice President Matt Walker says if allocated more vaccines by the state this week or the following, Memorial hopes to focus on distribution efforts possibly in Biloxi or Diamondhead next week. “It’s one of those– often where people are just a little bit more comfortable not having to venture too far from their neighborhoods. So, we are kinda spreading things around a little bit, not expecting everyone to have to come to the hospital or have to go to a specific location. Ideally, we would like to use our primary care footprint in the future, but allocations have not been quite as consistent and quite to the numbers that we need them in order to kinda bring that online.”

Walker says the end of this week and some of next week, Memorial will concentrate on distributing second doses to locations they’ve already been to.

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