Meet the team behind the funny billboards on I-10

It’s likely that you’ve seen the safety billboards on I-10 and had a chuckle from them. Maybe you’ve asked yourself ‘who is the mastermind behind this?”’

The Mississippi Department of Transportation Public Affairs Division is dedicated to keeping you safe on the road, while also giving you a hearty laugh.

They use these digital message boards to remind drivers to use road safety.

Twelve members come up with punny-driving tips to convince you to heed their warnings. The latest message was a Taylor Swift reference, which went viral shortly after its debut.

As distracted driving increases in the nation, MDOT’s Michael Flood hopes these messages are convincing enough to save some lives. “You know, the main priority is to make sure everyone does their part to travel safely, and that includes getting punny and clever and stuff like that. But the central point of this is to remind everyone that the safety of us, our workers, of the traveling public is in your hands, the driver.”

MDOT’s public affairs team is planning to run some Valentine’s Day themed safe driving tips so keep your eyes on the road.

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