Meet the police dogs ready to protect at the Super Bowl

MIAMI, Fla. (CNN) — It may look like a walk in the park for these dogs, but for them, it’s a full-time job.

Safety is a top concern for Super Bowl LIV. That’s where these K-9s come in.

“The K-9s are here to provide security sweeps in all the different venues,” special agent Clara Himel said.

Teams of police dogs have been brought to Miami from across the country.

The brave pups are getting ready to secure all Super Bowl attractions and make sure everyone is safe.

“There are so many hotels, and just different places that are associated with this large event so we got to bring in more people and dogs,” Himel said.

The dogs go through extensive training. Part of it involves them practicing sniffing out explosive devices of ammunition.

“I’m blown away with how good the sense of smell is on these,” special agent Zane Dodds said.

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