Meet the Peewee Princess

One local girl put down the pompoms and put on her cleats for a chance to play with the boys. Now, ten-year-old Hailey Green is getting recognized for her play on the field. News 25’s Hank Davis brings us the story.
A local ten-year-old was selected to play in the first ever Mississippi Prospects Gridiron Classic at the University of Southern Mississippi later this month. Meet Hailey Green, a fifth grader at St. Martin Upper Elementary who is not afraid to go head-to-head with some of the best boys in the state.
A lot of people don’t think that football is a sport for girls, but Hailey is on the field every day proving them wrong. “My mom was taking me to sign up for cheerleading and I didn’t really want to do cheerleading. I wanted to try something new and play with the boys. I hope to show other girls that they can play and show other people that don’t think girls can play that we can and we can be better than the boys,” said Hailey.
The inaugural all-state game features top youth football players from across the state. Hailey was one of two girls that made the cut for the game. Jennifer Green, Hailey’s mom, said, “I was scared. I was very, very scared because she is a tiny kid, but the second she hit somebody and took a hit herself and didn’t cry, I knew she could handle it. I knew she would be awesome. Now, if she doesn’t hit somebody I get upset with her. I’m that run the fence parent and I’m like ‘you better hit somebody now, Hailey.’”
This girl is tough as nails and football is part of her plan to prepare for her dream job. “A Marine. My father is a retired 20 years Marine. (So you hope that one day you can join the Marine Corps?) Yes,” said Hailey.
“She always wants to go to the next challenge. She is never okay with just settling. It’s exhausting sometimes, it’s incredibly exhausting sometimes,” said Jennifer.
Hailey will be heading to Hattiesburg after Christmas to prepare for the games set for December 30th.

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