Medical Minute 12/28/2015

Government researchers say childhood asthma may be on the decline … But not among kids living in poverty
After peaking in 2009, childhood asthma rates leveled off then dropped significantly in 2013.
However asthma prevalence among poor children has continued to rise.
And while the data does not explain why income appears to influence asthma risk experts believe children living in poverty may be exposed to more environmental triggers linked to asthma.

Who knew that a period could mean so much?!?
A new study of college students found receiving short text messages that ended with a period were perceived to be less sincere than texts ending with no punctuation at all.
Not surprisingly, exclamation marks were interpreted as the most genuine text response.

Transitioning from adolescence into adulthood for people on the autism spectrum can be difficult.
and for many, starting college can add to that pressure.
Now there is a program that may help.

Erika Edwards has more in her video report about

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