Medical Marijuana 2020 collecting signatures

The Medical Marijuana 2020 Initiative for Mississippi is eyeing their signature goal before the September 6th deadline.

Representatives from the group say that they have obtained over 57,000 signatures, leaving them with a little over 29,000 signatures left to appear on next year’s ballot.

If voted in, the health department would regulate the growth and distribution of medical marijuana to patients in the state.

Medical marijuana supporter and Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson tells News 25 that he isn’t surprised with the positive feedback from Mississippians. “We’re just seeing a lot of people coming out to support and for every reason, whether it be you know philosophically, they think people should have medicine or for more of a personal reason. They’ve come across an instance with a loved one or maybe themselves where they see the benefits of it. It’s just encouraging and I’m confident that we’re going to get the signatures and once we do, I’m very optimistic that it will pass in 2020.”

If you’d like to learn more about medical marijuana or you just want to sign the petition, visit

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