MDOT Responds to Call for Light at Dangerous Intersection

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (M.D.O.T.) has already responded to calls for safer roads at the intersection of Big John Road and Highway 67 in D’Iberville.

The intersection was the site of a fatal car accident last week where two D’Iberville High School students lost their lives. It’s been less than one week since Jimmy and Amanda Ward were killed at the intersection of Big John Road and Highway 67 on their way to D’Iberville High, but already, M.D.O.T. and the state legislature are responding.

Wednesday morning, M.D.O.T. installed yellow barriers at the intersection to slow drivers down and keep cars from stacking up in the intersection. M.D.O.T. also received a request from D’Iberville High to create a school zone along Highway 67 to slow drivers down during school hours when buses, teens, and parents are all trying to get to school on time. News 25 spoke with local residents to see what they thought of the new measures.

Michelle McGoughna, a St. Martin resident, says, “Yes ma’am it would, especially since it’s a bunch of students, young people that still have a long life to live.”

If you were on Highway 67 Wednesday, you probably noticed more Mississippi highway patrolmen. Although there were not any official orders, many patrolmen on their own accord took time to stop and check for anyone speeding or driving carelessly.

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