MDOT prepares roadways for tropical activity

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is also making their preps for Hurricane Ida.

Here on the Coast, electrical crews will remove signal controllers in low lying areas which will put traffic signals in flash mode or turn them completely off then they will remove drawbridge arms to prepare the bridges for shutdown and they will lower high mast lights.

In other areas, crews are gassing up vehicles and loading and staging equipment to ensure they are ready to respond and clear roadways impacted by the storm. MDOT Commissioner Tom King said, “We encourage everyone to please have a plan for the hurricane. Please have an escape plan, which way you can go, because we fear for the life and safety of our people in South Mississippi. So, it’s going to be dangerous, but folks, just be ready.”

As a reminder, MDOT provides free travel resources including hurricane evacuation maps in English, Spanish, or Vietnamese and the MDOT traffic mobile app.

The app provides real-time traffic conditions throughout the state and will be utilized to publish emergency alerts directly to users.

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