MDOT cracks down on commercial vehicles

When big rigs roll past safety rules, it puts the safety of other drivers at high risk. That’s why MDOT participates in the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual 72 hour road check which finished today.
News 25 went behind the scenes to see what MDOT is doing to make our state roads safer.
Thousands of large trucks cross the Mississippi state line each day hauling tons of goods between factories, fields, and warehouses, trucks weighing tens of thousands of pounds, traveling at high speeds, some drivers behind the wheel more than ten hours at a time. All of this paving the way for a potentially dangerous situation on our state roads. MDOT Lt. Ricky Dubuisson said, “Think about an 80,000 pound vehicle going down the road. It’s like a train. They can’t stop on a dime. So, we have to make sure that brakes are working properly where they can stop, that the drivers are not over-driven their hours to where they’re sleepy or fatigued and they can’t drive.”
It’s all part of a 72 hour initiative as MDOT cracks down on commercial values. A vast majority of vehicles are electronically signaled to bypass the weigh station and continue traveling, but those randomly selected are subject to inspection, checking everything from brakes to hazmat violations, even drug and human trafficking. “We had an incident in Lucedale, Mississippi. We actually recovered and intercepted a young lady that was being trafficked and of course, that’s still under investigation by the FBI at this time, but we also look for things like that. A lot of people don’t realize how serious human trafficking is going on,” said Lt. Dubuisson.
A typical inspection usually consists of things like checking the lights, the tire pressure, and making sure the lug nuts are secure, but this year’s focus is cargo security and making sure things like straps are secure because if not, this rebar could end up on the side of the highway, in the middle of it, or through a windshield. MDOT Officer Robert Lewis said, “You’re driving next to these trucks, your kids are driving next to these trucks. It’s important that they do what they’re supposed to do and follow the rules and keep everyone safe.”
Checks like these on a daily basis are geared to put a brake on such hazards.

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