Mayor Gilich Talked Biloxi’s Future at Breakfast with the Mayor

Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich talked about what’s next for Biloxi at today’s “Breakfast with the Mayor” event.
A packed audience of city officials and residents enjoyed breakfast this morning with Mayor FoFo Gilich. The major topic today: the mayor’s plans to make Biloxi more high tech by transitioning into a gigabyte city.
“There are so many opportunities to use that communication speed to better each citizen and of course the operation of the city,” said Mayor Gilich.
Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “When people hear him talk about gigabyte city, they may wonder what he’s talking about, but what it means is we’re going to have a network of fiber here in Biloxi that’s going to carry information. Our road ways are not just going to be carrying just cars anymore; they’re going to be carrying information.”
The money to help make Biloxi a gigabyte city will partly come from taxpayer money.
Another topic the mayor addressed is taking the necessary steps to keep Biloxi beautiful: “There are a number of agencies, you got the Sand Beach, you got MDOT, and you got the county road crews as well as the city road crews. So, we gotta quack, you know really coordinate that effort to make sure Biloxi’s scenery is clean. We just have to make sure everybody’s doing their part.”
Mayor Gilich also touched upon the new Shuckers baseball stadium. He joked about how they’re trying to figure out how to pay for the ball park: “all it takes is 21 easy payments of $1.6 million each.”
The breakfast is a bi-monthly event and is held at various locations in Biloxi.

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