Mayor Gilich Speaks on Biloxi Construction

MGM Park and moving forward were focal points of Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich as he headed up the city’s ‘Breakfast with the Mayor’ event this morning. As News 25’s Laurene Callander reports, there appears to be a long road ahead for the city’s massive infrastructure improvement project and how the mayor hopes to speed it all up.
Driving many streets in Biloxi in recent months has been much like an obstacle course, as drivers weave through the traffic cones and follow the detour signs. All of this is a sign of progress, as the city’s multi-million dollar infrastructure improvement project continues. Mayor Gilich hopes to fast track this project. “Our goal is to have that infrastructure where it’s, you know, really easy to get around and you know widen streets and water drains and things you’d expect as a resident to happen. We want to make sure that we’re doing that in the most timely and effective way.”
Rachel Seymour, director of the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce, said, “This is all part of the FEMA plan and getting our drainage and streets up to date. So, I think everybody’s been patient, the city’s done an excellent job at putting out detours to direct people to the right places to make sure they’re getting to the businesses as they need to go.”
One major construction project in Biloxi has wrapped up: MGM Park. Mayor Gilich says he is thrilled to see the Biloxi Shuckers in the championship series, especially because he was in full support of bringing them home to their stadium before the construction was complete. “It’s a happening, that’s what I enjoy about it,” said Mayor Gilich, “The baseball is great and it’s a great story. I think they started the season off with a 55 game road trip and then they came home with a great welcome. We want to win this championship series with a great party.”
Mayor Gilich tells News 25 he didn’t know what to expect with the Shuckers but is proud to see some going off to the major leagues, stressing he and his administration are for Biloxi and moving the city forward.

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