Mayor asks for Highway 90 to be widened in Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson is fed up with the bumper to bumper traffic on Highway 90 during the evening hours.

He took to social media, putting out a plea asking which candidates for governor or lieutenant governor would pledge to prioritize the widening of the strip of highway that runs through Ocean Springs.

Dobson says he would like to see MDOT widen Highway 90 to six lanes. A few years ago, MDOT made plans to widen the highway, but had to set the plans aside due to budget issues.

Mayor Dobson believes this is an issue that should be addressed once again. “I think that Highway 90 is extremely important to not only Ocean Springs, but to the Coast. Whether they come in and they need to widen it and I think they need to work on getting the lights better synced. Anybody that drives through Ocean Springs at any kind of peak traffic knows that it is a nightmare and that’s being generous.”

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