Mary C. O’Keefe Hosts New Train History Exhibit

The only experience most Coast residents have with trains is being stuck behind them in traffic, but a new exhibit at the Mary C. O’Keefe aims to remind everyone about the Coast’s rich heritage on the rails.

Holiday travel is a major part of many families’ traditions at this time of year, and while many won’t be traveling by trains in 2014, it was a major part of our history decades ago. The exhibit will focus on holiday travel, train history, and fashions from the train era, but it’s just the beginning of the Cultural Center’s holiday schedule.

A Mary C. O’Keefe employee says, “We start tomorrow with an open house Friday and Saturday, sponsored by the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce. Saturday is our first December art market, so from 9 until 3 on our lawn, we’ll have arts and crafts merchants selling their wares.”

The Cultural Center is also hosting Lunch and Learn, featuring guest chefs from around the Coast, every Tuesday through Thursday at 11 a.m.

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