Mark W. Everson Announces for President of the United States

Former IRS Commissioner, Mark W. Everson, launched Thursday his candidacy for President of the United States. Everson worked in foreign affairs, law enforcement, and economic positions of the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. He also has an extensive business background including manufacturing and agriculture in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Everson stated “To get America back on the right track will require shared sacrifice and difficult choices which our politicians won’t entertain. I’m going to start a candid, long overdue, conversation with the American people about our problems and how to tackle them.”

Everson’s “Letter to America” lays out six initiatives:

1. Fundamental tax reform.
2. Confronting the lawlessness of the Big Banks.
3. Re-establishing the draft in order to have a shared sense of national service.
4. Real, balanced reforms to our entitlement programs.
5. Reinforcing the American tradition of assimilation through comprehensive immigration reform.
6. Serving only a single term to keep re-election politics out of Presidential decision-making.

On tax reform Everson said, “We need a tax code that promotes growth and helps Americans provide for their future. Adoption of a consumption tax will remove 150 million Americans from the income tax rolls, freeing them from the burden of dealing with the IRS.”

Regarding the banks Everson stated, “Championing private enterprise as the engine of growth does not relieve Republicans of the obligation to regulate in a balanced, sensible manner. The big banks have gotten into the habit of running the light, paying the ticket and speeding on. If a bank is too big to be managed properly and follow the law, we should break it up.”

On the presidency Everson stated, “I will execute the laws as written, not as I might wish them to be. I will serve only a single term in office and not allow re-election politics to compromise Oval Office decision-making.”

Everson spent six years in the Reagan administration. He started at the United States Information Agency working on public diplomacy programs relating to deployment of intermediate nuclear forces in Europe and surrogate radio broadcasting to Cuba. In 1985 he moved to the US Department of Justice. While at Justice, his assignments included Deputy Commissioner of the INS. In that capacity he oversaw all agency operations including the Border Patrol and inspectors at the ports of entry.

In the Bush Administration, Everson was the Controller and then Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management & Budget. He served as the 46th IRS Commissioner from May 2003 through May 2007.

Everson also has state government experience having served in the administration of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. While in Indiana, he ran the state’s unemployment insurance system, and oversaw the state’s workforce training and adult education programs.

Everson’s private sector experience includes operating and staff positions at the world’s largest packaging and airline catering companies. He is currently the Vice Chairman of alliantgroup, LP, a leading provider of specialty tax services for small and medium-sized businesses. He also briefly held the position of President and CEO of the American Red Cross.

A graduate of Yale and the NYU Business School, Everson currently lives on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi where his first grade son attends public school and plays soccer and baseball. He has three grown children who live in Northern Virginia. He is 60 years old.

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