Man and pregnant woman shot in triple homicide in Canton, MS

Tonight, we have an update on the triple homicide investigation in Canton from yesterday.

A young man and his pregnant sister were shot and killed in their home early Tuesday morning. The sister’s unborn child also died.

There’s a makeshift memorial inside the home in Canton where 20-year-old Faustino Garcia, his 19-year-old sister Maudilia Garcia and her unborn child lived. The siblings had been living in the home for only a month when they were killed.

Canton Police Chief Otha Brown says the motive was robbery. The chief said two other people were inside the home, a relative and a one-year-old child.  Both escaped as the house was being broken into.

The killings are sending shock waves through the community.

Marivel Lopez was a friend of the Garcias, calling them hard working and helpful. She said they smiled all the time.

Lopez said that “Hispanics are targets for crime in Canton,” adding that her family has been robbed before. “Since we are very hard working, they think we have more money, but it seems that everywhere we go, there’s danger. You can’t escape the danger.”

Currently, there are no arrests in the case and it is still under investigation.

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