Man Dies from Gunshot to the Chest

No charges will be filed in last night’s fatal shooting in Gulfport, according to Police Chief Leonard Papania. Chief Papania tells News 25 the shooting was in self-defense and over money for cocaine.
Police say 37-year-old Phillip Kennedy lost his life last night after an argument over $20. Chief Papania says a woman called 9-1-1 around 9:30 last night saying the man in her car had been shot. Kennedy later died at Gulfport Memorial Hospital from his injuries.
Investigators determined an argument between the shooter and Kennedy started at the intersection of Roberts Avenue and 25th Street. Papania says Kennedy was behaving in a threatening manner and the shooter pulled the trigger out of fear for his life.
When asked about this being the ninth shooting death in Gulfport this year, Chief Papania said, “This is the ninth homicide we’ve dealt with this year and it’s the ninth one we’ve solved. When you take victims and suspects and they’re engaging in criminal activity, I can only equate it to sorting out a bowl of wet spaghetti. I go on about a criminal subculture and the ill effects of it, this is it.”
Chief Papania also had a message to the criminal subculture in Gulfport. He says, “get right or get out.”
Kennedy was out on bond for burglary and aggravated assault charges from July.

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