Man Dies from Gunshot to the Chest

A man is dead after a shooting last night in Gulfport.
According to Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove, 37-year-old Phillip Kennedy died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.
Gulfport Police Sergeant Damon McDaniel says the shooting took place around 9:30 near Roberts Avenue and 25th Street.
This is the tenth shooting death in Gulfport so far in 2016, one being outside of Gulfport police jurisdiction.
One resident tells News 25 the area of last night’s shooting is not known for violence. Gwen White lives in the neighborhood. She said, “Only thing I’ve seen was a lot of police around here. They were everywhere. They say someone got shot, but I don’t know because I was not here. I didn’t hear no gunshots or nothing. I know this has never happened in our area before.”
The investigation is ongoing. No one has been charged yet in the shooting.

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