Man claims children were held at gunpoint

The Gulfport Police Department is now under fire after a recent altercation with a man and his family.
According to the driver, Kelvin Fairley, he was traveling with his wife and children when a Gulfport police officer stopped them just a few minutes away from their home. Fairley claims after asking why he was pulled over, he and his wife were then handcuffed while his children were held at gunpoint.
The video you are seeing was after the ordeal when Fairley went to file a complaint at the police station and found himself in yet another altercation. Here is what Fairley had to say about the altercation. “After me repeatedly complying with them and asking them what’s going on because they have guns drawn on me and my family and repeatedly getting the same answer ‘shut the f*** up’ until they handcuffed me and then I saw them get my wife out of the car. Also had her hands up at gunpoint and put handcuffs on her and put her in the car. They got my 16-year-old son out of the car at gunpoint, put him behind the car and interrogated him and asked what happened. They had my daughter, my son and my nephew also at gunpoint.”
A statement from the Gulfport Police Department states: “The Gulfport Police Department has been made aware of an allegation of officer misconduct. While no formal written complaint has been filed, we take any such allegation seriously. The incident in question is currently under investigation.”
Fairley says he did not file a formal complaint yet as he now plans to take legal action.

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