Man Catches On Fire At A Family Bonfire

A man is recovering after he caught on fire in Harrison County.
Officials tell News 25 the man accidentally ignited himself while pouring gasoline onto a bonfire at a property on Northup Cuevas Road in the Lizana community Saturday.
Harrison county fire crews and the Lizana Fire Department arrived on scene and the man was taken by helicopter to a burn center in Mobile.
Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan says the man thought he was pouring diesel on the logs, instead of the highly flammable gas. “Never put gasoline on a fire that’s lit because of the fumes, because of the flash point, because of the all the things, bad things that can happen. In this case, that is what happened. And I don’t believe this man knowingly put the gasoline on there. I think it was his understanding, according to witnesses, that he didn’t know it was gasoline.”
The man was in serious condition when he entered the hospital.
Sullivan tells News 25 the incident could have been worse if it weren’t for the immediate assistance of fire crews and the actions the man’s family took to help his injuries.

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