Man Arrested on Carjacking Charges Had First Court Appearance

19 year old Chase Dearman had his initial appearance in court this morning.
Dearman is the man Jackson County sheriff’s office says led them on a car chase in one of their own vehicles. Deputies arrested Dearman after using a spike strip to flatten the tires of the stolen patrol vehicle. The teen’s bond was set at $15,000: $5,000 for failure to stop and $10,000 for carjacking.
Chief Investigator for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Curtis Spiers, said, “ Condition of his bond per the judge as well was, if the family can get him in an in-house treatment facility, a mental health treatment facility, the judge will allow him to leave the adult detention center and go directly to that facility. Contingent upon him staying in that facility. However, if for some reason he leaves that facility without completion of the program, he will go straight to jail.”
Regardless of the findings at the mental health facility, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office still plans to prosecute Dearman.

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