Man Arrested for Stealing Jackson County Police Car

A D’iberville man is in jail facing charges of carjacking and felony pursuit.
According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, the D’iberville man led them on a high speed chase in Moss Point this weekend in one of their own patrol cars.
A domestic disturbance call over the weekend landed Jackson County sheriff’s deputies on Berkley Road. The man behind the wheel is 19 year old Chance Dearman, who authorities say stole a police car while deputies were responding to a domestic disturbance call between the teen and his father.
Sheriff Mike Ezell said, “ The officer patrol car was running over there, of course it was locked, but as the young man got to it and tried to get the door open, it was locked. Couldn’t get it open. The officers approached him and when the officer was getting within 10 or 12 feet, the car unlocked. He had that key fob in his pocket.”
The sheriff tells News 25 one deputy fought with Dearman to stop him from taking off, but let him go to prevent being dragged by the car. Before Dearman could get away, the other deputy fired a shot at the car flattening a rear tire. Sheriff Ezell said, “Pursuit followed, we put out the spike traps which flatten the tires and we were able to end the pursuit. Fortunately, very fortunately no one was seriously injured.”
Jackson County sheriff deputies had previously been told to keep their patrol cars like this one running during a call, but this weekend’s incident prompted the sheriff to change that policy.
If convicted, Dearman faces up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for both the carjacking and felony pursuit charges.
Tomorrow, Dearman will have his initial appearance at the Jackson County Courthouse.

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