Major groups come out against Mississippi state flag

As controversy continues in the state of Mississippi over the state flag, major groups are beginning to speak out and call for change.

Today, the Mississippi Association of Community Colleges unanimously voted to support changing the state flag. In a statement, the group said, “We believe the flag of Mississippi should be one that unites all of us toward a prosperous future.”

Walmart has announced that it will no longer display the Mississippi state flag “in its current form.”  Walmart Spokesperson Anne Hatfield, speaking out today saying: “We believe it’s the right thing to do and is consistent with Walmart’s position to not sell merchandise with the confederate flag from stores and online sites,” said Hatfield.

The Mississippi Bankers Association released a statement today stating: “The flag is divisive and continues to have a negative impact on our state’s economy. The MBA, its leadership, and its membership feels strongly that the adoption of a new flag is timely and a crucial step to improving Mississippi’s image. Adopting a new flag that represents all of Mississippi could lead to improved economic opportunities and quality of life for all of its citizens.”

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