Major crime roundup in Jackson County

Today a large drug and gun bust was announced in Pascagoula in the height of a 13 month multi-unit effort.

This bust contains 17 indictments, 97 illegal guns, and lots of drugs with the help of Jackson County police, federal officials, and Safe Streets Task Force. This week federal, state, and local law enforcement will be executing numerous arrest warrants in relation to this.

This project has helped and will continue to help clean up the streets of Jackson County.

State attorney Mike Hurst says this should serve as a warning to criminals in this area. “What we’ve told the criminal element is we’re going to arrest you immediately. When we get you into the courtroom we’re going to ask that you be detained so you’re in jail while you’re awaiting your trial and you’re not back on the streets immediately terrorizing our communities. In the federal system there’s no parole so you’re going to serve the time that you’ve been given.”

A similar effort in Jackson, known as Project Eject, has resulted in a reduction of crime by 20 percent from this time last year. The State Attorney’s Office is looking to expand this project on the Gulf Coast.

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