Major Concerns for Minor League players: USM Alum J.C. Keys weighs in

While Major League owners and the Players Association negotiate salaries worth more than most of us will ever see in our lives all parties involved still remain seemingly optimistic on a return to baseball in 2020.

But where does that leave the majority of Minor League Baseball players who are now faced with the grim reality of a lost season altogether.

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic were already felt last week when the league announced it was cutting the amateur draft from 40 rounds all the way down to just five.

That’s gonna be a crushing blow for players like Southern Miss alum JC Keys who was picked in the 23rd round of 2019 draft by the Cincinnati Reds.

Then there’s the matter of Keys now having gone 10 months and counting without playing in a regular season game following a season-ending grade 1 UCL sprain back in July. So now what? “I have no clue. They’re trying to keep us posted on what the MLB organization is doing. But as of right now, there’s nothing I could tell you that would help. They were just telling us stay ready and whenever they call, to be ready to come throw. Me and my teammates are having conversations on like when are we going to be able to go back? And they’re telling me I don’t know. Like we have group chats with coaches that are in our organizations and they’re trying to keep us posted, and like my other teammates are in other group chats and they’re saying it’s the same thing – just be ready. It’s definitely tough.”

A right handed pitcher from Oak Grove, Keys made his Minor League debut with the Greenville Reds in 2019.

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