Magnolia State college baseball fever

Whereas a lot of states would rank football, basketball, and then baseball in terms of most popular sports, Mississippi would probably flip the second and third especially at the college level where the numbers support the Magnolia State baseball fever.
On February 16th, Southern Miss will open up the season against in-state foe Mississippi State, the same team the Golden Eagles ended the season against last year in the Hattiesburg regional.
Thus renewing a rivalry that’s been limited to Trustmark Park in the regular season, ever since the two squads last met in the Hub City in 2010.
Adding Ole Miss to the mix, these three division I powers outdraw any other states in attendance and USM Head Coach Scott Berry says it’s not even close. “You look at the state of Mississippi and you take the big three programs, us, State and Ole Miss,and you look at the total attendance for the year, and you compare it to other states, all the other states’ big three programs, they don’t even come close. You’re talking about a state with a little less than three million people that outdraws anybody else, Texas, Florida, doesn’t matter. You can do the research, I have. And that says volumes about our state and what we think about baseball.”
Combined, USM, MSU, and Ole Miss draw an average crowd of just under 20,000 fans per game which is more than Louisiana’s 17,000 plus and the nearly 15,000 of Texas.

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