Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church hosts MLK Wild Game Fest

What started off as a small family party decades ago has grown into a community-wide event held every year in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

More than 30 years ago, a local family gathered every year and celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a huge cookout.

Relatives travel from all over the Coast to attend the celebration and dozens of community members swing by Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park for a plate of food at what is now called MLK Wild Game Fest. MLK Wild Game Fest Cook Sharita Battle Glaude said, “Back then they weren’t participating and saying that Martin Luther King was a holiday, so we all took off from work– or they all took off from work– and decided ‘hey, we have to do this’ on Martin Luther King because of what he did and how he made it this far for us– paved the way, rather, for us.”

At Wild Game Fest, hosted by Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, it’s tradition to have everything from burgers to goat sausage to fried gator.

The menu was established at the first gathering after a pair of brothers, who hunted for a living, cleaned out their freezer. “They pulled out their freezers and pulled out all the wild game, because they ate it, and they came out and cooked it for everybody. And gave it away for free.”

Event leaders say it is more important than ever to bring the community together to share goals and ideas. Greg Gipson with Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church said, “We wanted to make sure the generation behind us understand the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King, the struggles he had to go through and it’s just in remembrance of him and the work that he had contributed over the years. That’s what it’s all about. Family, friends, and friendship.”

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