Macedonia Baptist Church holds drive-thru lunch for first responders

Macedonia Baptist Church in Ocean Springs hosted a drive-thru lunch to show their appreciation to all the first responders in the area.

Last year, the lunch was canceled due to the pandemic, so the church gave out gift baskets. Over 100 meals were given out at the drive-thru lunch.

First responders were able to choose from a variety of meal options.

Members of Macedonia Baptist Church tells News 25 it’s about helping and serving those in the community. Church member Theresa Dantzler said, “Love is what love does. That’s why we took this opportunity to try and serve our first responders because here in Ocean Springs, I know anytime you call the police, fireman, EMT, they are right on the spot. They are so nice and friendly. So, the time comes when you need to show people exactly how much you love them.”

Members of the church say they hope to make it a sit-down luncheon next year.

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